April 19, 2024

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The 2024 Men’s Health Tech Awards

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Cutting-edge tech has never been as accessible to the man on the street. Gone are the days of tinny wired headphones, clunky step-counters and overpriced juicers. In 2024, you can 3D print from your bedside table, cook a Neapolitan-style pizza at 450°C on your kitchen counter, and defy ageing from your sofa with an LED face mask.

Over the past year, our team of editors and writers have been testing out the very best next-gen tools, toys and gadgets for working, sweating and relaxing better. From smartwatches to smart guitars to headphones to turntables, welcome to the 2024 instalment of the Men’s Health Tech Awards.

men's health tech awards 2024


Breeze through any task, whatever direction your work day takes, with the help of top-tier active noise cancellation, screen extenders and the ultimate WFH flex: a state-of-the-art air purifier.

Best New Air Purifier

Purifier Big + Quiet Formaldehyde
Dyson Purifier Big + Quiet Formaldehyde

Beyond the Mars-ready good looks, this futuristic air purifier scrubs every cubic inch of breathable air in your home office. Gases, odours, allergens, toxic particles, formaldehyde and more – all gone using Dyson’s largest filtration system ever.

Best New Tablet

Pixel Tablet

Stream films, keep tabs on your socials and stay connected – all on a svelte, 11-inch tablet with a slick charging dock that doubles as a speaker.

Best Desktop Accessory

Tri-Screen 2

Two screens are better than one, but three are better still. Best of all, they fold up with your laptop into a compact, take-anywhere package.

Best 3D Printer

M5C 3D Printer

Buying things is so 2023. Now it’s about making them. Anker’s compact M5C is simple enough for 3D-printing noobs, yet powerful enough for pros who demand lightning-fast creation of their latest projects.

Best New Flip Phone

Galaxy Z Flip5
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Now 26% Off

Flip phones are back. This Samsung is super versatile, with a cover screen that lets you text, frame selfies, answer calls and loads more without opening the phone.

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones
Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphones

Now 19% Off

Adaptive noise-cancelling takes you from total block-out to full awareness at a touch, while the 60-hour battery life will power you through long workdays.


Perfect your home pizza recipe, brew barista-worthy coffees, and chill out to your favourite songs with these weekend wind-down tools. You’ve earned it.

Best Sunrise Alarm

SmartSleep Wake-Up Light
Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

Can’t stand the aural assault of your iPhone alarm? This sunrise alarm gradually increases from soft red light through to bright yellow, with seven sounds from birdsong to ocean waves.

Best Pizza Oven

Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven
Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven

This electric outdoor-indoor oven is great for the garden but compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter. It’s easy to use and clean, bakes perfect pizza in 90 seconds and has a built-in timer and temperature controls.

Best Coffee Maker

Barista Touch Impress
Sage Barista Touch Impress

With a touchscreen interface, this techy but user-friendly machine preps everything from espressos to flat whites, and even knows how to froth plant-based milks properly. If you have a daily coffee shop habit, it will pay for itself in a year.

Best Portable Turntable

Sound Burger Portable Bluetooth Turntable
Audio-Technica Sound Burger Portable Bluetooth Turntable

It’s the ultimate in go-anywhere turntable audio. The unique retro-modern design combines Bluetooth and USB charging and plays both 33 and 45 records.

Best Smart Lamp

Cono Portable Smart Lamp
Umbra Cono Portable Smart Lamp

Choose from 16 million-­plus colours and dimmability from 1% to 100% to create the ambience you want with this LED lamp you can control via an app. Stand it up, flip it or lie it on its side – your call.


Nothing inspires a workout like new kit. Take your training to new heights and break a sweat in style with some of our favourite fitness releases from the past year.

Best New Smartwatch

Pixel Watch 2

Part of a partnership between Google and Fitbit, this feature-packed watch provides real-time workout feedback, stress-management tips and uses Google AI for advanced heart-rate tracking.

Best Tennis Racket

Shift 99 V1 Tennis Racket
Wilson Shift 99 V1 Tennis Racket

With a unique string pattern and graphite frame, this racket is purpose-built to deliver controlled power and blistering spin. Plant-based materials add a dash of eco-­consciousness to the game.

Best New Fitness Shoe

Under Armour SlipSpeed

Now 50% Off

The fold-down heel takes this shoe from training to recovery mode without missing a beat. The breathable upper and plush cushioning boost the comfort.

Best Sports Earbuds

Studio Buds +

Sweat- and water-resistant with quick charging, high-quality audio and active noise-cancelling. Handy when the gym’s playlist isn’t up to standard…

Best GPS Sport Watch

Pace 3

Train hard, track harder. The Pace 3 is built for serious athletes who want an accurate heart monitor and SpO² sensor in a lightweight, low-profile design that can run for weeks.


As the proverb goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Inject some fun into your weekly routine and make dull evenings in a thing of the past with these bachelor-esque gadgets.

Best New Portable Speaker

Move 2

Meet Sonos’s most powerful portable Bluetooth and wifi speaker. With a drop- and water-resistant shell and 24 hours of battery life, it’s ready to go wherever you are.

Best New Action Camera

GO 3 Action Camera
Іnѕtа360 GO 3 Action Camera

Weighing only 35g and with stunning 2.7K video capture and video stabilisation, this tiny action camera is up for any adventure. Clip it, stick it or mount it to nearly anything.

Best Smart Guitar

Me 4 Carbon

Upgrade your acoustic and electric jam sessions. This smart carbon-fibre, weather­proof guitar offers the best of both worlds, and the multi-touch display lets you mix, loop and add effects on the fly.

Best Portable Golf Simulator

MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor
Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor

Swing, analyse, repeat, improve. Dual cameras create slo-mo gifs of your swing, showing how and where you strike the ball, while shot-­tracer tech tracks its arc.

Best New Console

Series S – 1TB Carbon Black
Xbox Series S – 1TB Carbon Black

Sleek and streamlined – the all-new Xbox Series S is 2024’s best value in gaming. Get blazing-fast load times, 120fps gameplay and instant access to all the top Game Pass content with this ultra-compact console.


Want better skin, a smoother shave and cleaner teeth? These new gadgets deliver quicker, more effective (and even hands-free) solutions to your biggest grooming problems. Welcome to the future.

Luna 4 Body Brush
Foreo Luna 4 Body Brush

Now 36% Off

Use this vibrating silicone brush to exfoliate rough and dry patches, dispatch dead skin cells and deep-clean pores to help control and prevent body breakouts.

Halo Facial Toning Device
Ziip Halo Facial Toning Device

This rechargeable, soap-bar-sized muscle stimulator lifts and tones your face with electrical micro- and nanocurrents. No, it doesn’t hurt and, in fact, feels pretty nice.

iO9 Ultimate Clean Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B iO9 Ultimate Clean Electric Toothbrush

Now 60% Off

This advanced brush boasts seven cleaning modes (including sensitive and whitening), plus pressure sensors, an interactive display and AI teeth-tracking tech to make sure you’re doing it all right.

TheraFace Mask

Next-level skincare. This headgear houses 648 LED lights that cycle through red (for anti-ageing), red plus infrared (skin firming) and blue (acne fighting).

Series 9 Pro+ Shaver
Braun Series 9 Pro+ Shaver

Now 42% Off

Five surgical-grade steel blades, sonic tech that mows through thick beards and a precision trimmer make this our favourite new razor.


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