April 13, 2024

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Is There Any Hope for WELL Health Stock?

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WELL Health Technologies (TSX:WELL) disappointed investors last week as the company came out with earnings that fell below estimates. Despite reporting record revenue and adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), shares fell by 11%.

Furthermore, the outlook didn’t look great for WELL Health stock either. So, after a rough year and the future uncertain, is there any hope for WELL Health stock? Today, we’ll look at some options management may consider.


One of the popular items on WELL Health stock’s agenda over the last few years has been acquisitions. The company has managed to expand so rapidly with record revenue because of these acquisitions. And now, management has stated it will focus more on organic growth.

That would hopefully mean focusing on its core competencies and areas of strength within the healthcare technology sector. Streamlining operations and focusing resources on key products or services where it has an advantage could improve profitability.

This could indeed create more focus on the products that have done well. So, to stay competitive, it might be prudent to put less cash towards acquisitions and more towards innovating and developing products that have done well.

Partnerships instead of acquisitions

Another option, rather than these expensive acquisitions, is to create partnerships and alliances. Granted, this is already something the company has done in the past. This would easily expand market reach, access new customer segments, and even enhance product offerings.

While this could mean collaborations with hospitals, clinics, and insurance providers, it could also mean partnerships with tech companies as well. So, that will be another area for easy and less costly expansion.

Furthermore, this would likely enhance the customer experience. By prioritizing what the customer wants and clients, this would lead to loyalty, which leads to recurring revenue.


WELL Health stock has already stated that it’s now focusing on cost optimization and streamlining its business. Implementing these cost-saving initiatives and efficiency measures can reduce operating expenses without compromising product quality or customer service. 

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This might involve renegotiating contracts with suppliers, leveraging technology for automated tasks, or simply consolidating loans. However, it could also mean a corporate restructure should things really start to go downhill.

However, it might also mean identifying areas where the company can diversify its core offerings. These might be areas of the market that would make sense to have exposure to rather than jumping into artificial intelligence, for example. Instead, seeking opinions from its clients can help identify where needs might be met.

Bottom line

So, is WELL Health stock done and dusted? I definitely do not think so. In fact, this could be shifting it into the next phase of its existence — away from the crazy growth by acquisition model. Instead, it means creating a financially stable company that will have strong organic growth and the ability to acquire as needed. Should the stock do this, it wouldn’t be unheard of to see the current $4 share price double in the next year or so.


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