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Health Technology Assessment – PAHO/WHO

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In 2011, PAHO and the member countries launched a Regional Network of Health Technology Assessments for the Americas (RedETSA). RedETSA is comprised of representatives from the ministries of health, regulatory agencies, HTA agencies, PAHO/WHO collaborating centers, and non-profit educational and research institutions dedicated to promote HTA to inform decision-making. The network aims to promote and strengthen HTA through regional exchanges of information to support decision-making on regulation, use and replacement of technologies, improvements in the quality of care and rational use of technologies, and contribute to the sustainability and equity in access to health systems. Over the years, RedETSA has been playing a key role in the development of HTA in the Region. Currently, RedETSA is represented by 14 countries and 28 institutions.

RedETSA’s main objectives include:

  • Identify the status of HTA in the Region, at national, sub-Regional, and Regional levels, and the priorities in order to facilitate cooperation among countries and institutions through networking.
  • Facilitate access to information through the RedETSA’S Community of Practice on the Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies (PRAIS*).
  • Strengthen human resources, including assessment teams and decision-makers, in the use of HTA.
  • Promote best practices in HTA.
  • Promote technical cooperation among institutions (national, sub-regional, and global).
  • Reducing information asymmetries and improving the processes of decision-making
  • Stimulate the consolidation of local HTA networks and their synergy with RedETSA

PRAIS: The Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies is composed of a series of virtual tools designed to support and promote technological innovation, access, rational use, regulation and governance of health technologies from a public health perspective. PAHO expects the platform to facilitate the development of linkages between stakeholders for innovation in health systems that extend beyond institutional, country and sector boundaries.

RedETSA’s Community of Practice (CoP) is an instrument that enables exchange of knowledge and information related to HTA among RedETSA’s members. The CoP allows members to share reports, documents, and presentations, and also have information about events, webinars, meetings, and workshops promoted by the Medicines and Health Technologies Unit. Moreover, the Community has a discussion group where members discuss about a relevant topics related to HTA.


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